Welcome to your new
My Ride Partner App

Your new assistant on the road to easier, smarter and super-powerful.
Assisting you to deliver outstanding services.

New Features 😍

Offers 🔥

You’ll now be able to view and self-assign upcoming trips based on your availability. View all our offers in the app and assign yourself, giving you more access!

Tips 💰

Riders can now tip you in the platform, any customer rating you 5 stars will have the opportunity to tip your services. It’s a great way to say thank you!

Compliance 📝

Stay on top of your important documents and those expiry dates with our new compliance manager. We’ll show you everything you need to know about you & the vehicle.

Core Hours 🕠

Tell us when you’re working and we’ll plan your schedule around this, to ensure your maximising your earnings whilst on the road.

Know what’s next

Understanding your schedule is really important, now you’ll have a birds-ey view of your next trips right on the home page. Along with shortcuts to Offers, Earnings and your Planner!

Built-in Directions

Your assistant is right here, with our built-in navigation, you’ll never need to leave the app. It’ll automatically start once you’ve accepted your journey.

Clear Via’s

Via points are clear and easy to see with the new design. Listed in order with all the information you’ll need, the satnav will take you to each one in order!

Earnings Insight

We’ve redesigned your earnings, making them visible and easier to understand! Tap the job to view the fare breakdown!



Can I choose what hours I enter?

Yes, we work around your schedule, when you’re available. Enter your core hours, just come online and we’ll send you work best suited to you. This feature helps us predict supply and demand, to keep your wheels turning and our customers happy!

Where’s the Sat-Nav?

The Sat-Nav is now built-in to your app, we’ve removed all third party navigation systems whilst we try our new solution out.

How can I get Tips?

Your riders will have the option to tip you at the end of each ride! It’s a great way to say thanks. You’ll see these tips in the Happiness page in your My Ride Partner App.

Trip Breakdown

In your invoices you’ll be able to tap onto a job to see a full fare breakdown, it’s super simple and easy to report any issue you have!

Will I get Offers?

Everyone gets offers, it’s a first come first serve basis, and we’ll only show you journeys you’re eligible for.

Customer Information

You’ll get full access to customer information based on your account and the job type. For example, on corporate trips, the full name will be displayed, or if it’s a long run, you’ll have the contact number early.

Little changes that have massive impact on your experience.