Our Mission

We're here to revolutionise the taxi industry creating a fair, honest & transparent service for riders and drivers.

Ending Driver Exploitation

Streamline with technology

Changing the taxi experience

Reinventing the taxi Industry

Cab My Ride getting into cab

Our Ride History

Harjit had the vision of a Honest, Fair and Transparent ride sharing platform. Where drivers had rights and freedom, whilst riders had the best ride possible at a low cost. So when the University of Southampton approached us to build this dream into a reality we did.

From an idea, we've now changed the taxi industry in Southampton, become the first and only 5 Star service in Hampshire, become a part of peoples everyday lives, and given drivers the freedom and flexibility they have been so long waiting for.

We are now the logistical backbone for Southampton ! Moving people, things and everything in between, creating technology to improve lives, cities and the industry.

Cab My Ride's Harjit and John