Hey we're Cab My Ride, and if you haven't heard of us before you're in for a real treat! We're the people that make getting a ride on the South Coast super simple, fast & reliable at a tap of a button!


We believe when people are treated better, they provide an awesome service! Happy Drivers, Happy Riders


Outstanding Drivers

Cab My Ride only accepts awesome drivers!


Cheaper Than Taxis

Cab My Ride is up to 45% cheaper than taxis!


Here for you

Call Us, Email Us, Tweet Us or Facebook us, we're open 24/7!


Your awesome ride

Book your trip and we'll connecet you to to one of our 5 star drivers, the traditional service using top notch technology.



An honest approach to ride sharing

Cab My Ride charges drivers 65-70% lower commission than the competition! So your money is going to the right place - your driver!

Drive with us

We started Cab My Ride with one simple aim; to provide people with an Honest Fair & transparent service, to build a community of drivers and rides to share this passion. Unlike your conventional taxi company we create and innovate all our technology with the University of Southampton to create products and services that no one can match, this ultimately mean lower fares for customers & drivers pay a fraction of commission.

As a family business we want all our riders and drivers to have an awesome experience whilst using our platform with over 300 5 star reviews we know what we're doing. It's this passion and commitment that we thrive on, at the end of it, you're paying for a service, so let's make it wonderful.

Whether your on business, going to town or taking the family to the aiport our network is here for you and being up to 45% cheaper than taxis we're the best in the business. Tap the app, call us or book online, with smart technology and the best drivers you're in for a treat!

Excellent value. You never know what you're going to get with cabs in Southampton (many have poor English and try to rip you off). Cab My Ride, provided a top notch service; with an honest and friendly driver that actually enjoys their work (what a novelty). Not only a better service, but far cheaper than any other taxi service in the area. Great experience

David Priestley
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Seamless & Secure Payment

We provide a safe and secure platform, you can now pay cash or card in app; it's a safe & secure way to pay. You'll never need cash in a cab again.

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Ride Now or Pre-book

With the options or ride now or pre-book a ride have the freedom to really set your schedual, wheather your going to the aiport or into town, grab a cab.

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Keeping you safe

Our number one priority is to ensure you have a safe ride from begining to end, all our rides are tracked and support is open 24/7!

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