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We're Ready When You Are

Where are you off too? With cars minutes away get your journey started with a tap. Created with the University of Southampton ECS we creating and innovating the technology used to move us, to provide a revolutionary transportation network.

Tap & Go

Tap the button & we'll connect you to your closest, local licensed driver. No more waiting in the street, alone in the rail. Just Tap the button & we'll do the rest!

More Ways To Pay

The choice is yours when you arrive, choose to pay Cash or Card connected to your Cab My Ride account, simple, safe & seam

A Few Features

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Fare Estimate

Going Somewhere, tell us where and we'll let you know of your ride price before you set off! Know exactly how much it's going to cost!

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Cash Or Card

The only platform to offer you cash and card payment options at no extra cost!

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Cab My Ride Business Support

24/7 Support

It's always nice to talk to someone, that's why our support team are here 24/7 to answer any question or help you in any situation!


Start Your Ride!

Keeping Us Safe

Safety is our top priority, the Cab My Ride app has advance technology to ensure you and your driver are always safe and with our 24/7 support team we're always keeping an eye out from beginning to end.

Always tracked

Every Cab My Ride is tracked, logged and recorded. The means we can always make sure your safe when your riding.

Law Enforcement

In situations where local law enforcement provide us with a case, we have all the useful information to help them

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