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We believe in creating a platform to bring transparency to drivers and make sure you have everything you need to move passengers safely, and earn more money than ever before.

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Our platform connects riders to licensed taxi drivers across the country

No Rent

No excessive rents or fee, you're your own boss, stay in the drivers seat!

No Expolitation

You're always in control. All we ask is to provide a 5 star service!


You're now able to accept cash & card payments! A free card reader linked directly to your account*!

How Cab My Ride works

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Accept the ride

See the passengers pickup location and the time it'll take you to get to them, tap to accept.

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Pickup the ride

We'll notify the ride when you're 1 minute away and when you're outstide for a fast and safe pickup

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Drive to the destination

With all accounts having a card attached to them just finish the ride and we'll charge the customers. Some customers may pay cash

One fee


Drive Now


Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support centre.

How much is your commission

We charge everyone 15%. Our business is based on low commission and high levels of service.

How do I get paid?

For any cash job you keep all your cash directly, for card & account transactions we will pay you every Monday minus our service fee commission for that week. (£15 is taken for every £100 earned)

How long does it take to sign up?

Within a day our drivers team can get you signed up and on our network

Do you give me a PDA?

Our drivers app will work on iPhone and Android smartphones, you can also buy a smartphone from us connected to our mobile phone supporter.

Back to Back Rides

When demand is high we'll offer your new rides as you're finishing your current ride, this ensures customers have the best experience and drivers are maximising profits when driving.

Driver App : Earnings

in-app you can see how much you've made whilst online and throughout previous weeks. See your expected payouts and rides you've completed.

Can I use multiple cars with one account?

No, due to rider safety we don't allow multi-car users. If you're vehicle changes contact your local driver team.

What if I need to cancel a future ride?

If you really must, you can cancel a future order yourself via the app if there is more than one hour until the scheduled pickup time. If you need to cancel the ride one hour or less before the pickup time, you will need to call us directly. If you cancel 4 or more future orders within a 14 day period you will be temporarily suspended from the Cab My Ride app. Please remember, if you’ve reserved yourself on a future order, you’ve already made a commitment to the booking and by cancelling, you are letting the passenger down. You may also be liable for charges or cancelation fee to compensate the rider. E.G. Misses their train or flight, is late to work or fail to turn up to account work.

What shall i do if i'm running late for a ride?

Call the customer first, if they are okay to wait the extra few minutes proceed to the ride. However if they are not call support and we'll handle the ride. You may also be liable for charges or cancelation fee to compensate the rider. E.G. Misses their train or flight, is late to work or fail to turn up to account work.

Cancellation fee

We don’t charge customers on cancelled riders.

Other questions?

We're always available at

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