What is Cab My Ride
Cab My Ride, based in Southampton is becoming a fast moving ride sharing platform, unlike your conventional taxi company we offer products and service they can't match. We build and invent our technology with the University of Southampton to create amazing services for you.
Getting a quote
Cab My Ride offers fixed price journeys from home to work or from town to home, having a fixed price is so much more convenient than running the meter. You can book them via the app, online or just call us if you're doing regular journeys to have maximum discount. Please keep in mind fares may adjust due to road closure, traffic incidents but your driver will always update you on these.
Requesting more than one vehicle
In app or online you can currently only request for up to 8 riders, however when there's 30 of you going to Orange Rooms you can certainly call our support team and they'll assist with the ride. We also offer group discount which make getting Cab My Ride a cheaper affordable option.
Scheduling a Ride
Being on time is important, with any of our service you can book a trip for a specific time & date, via the app, online or over the phone.
Requesting a premium car
Our Platinum service is currently on available via our support team, if you're going on business, to the airport or just feel extra, call us.
Disable access vehicles & pet friendly
These options are now only available via our call centres.
I've changed my booking
The quickest way to update us on any changes to your ride is to contact your driver, call them don't text them. If you can't get through call us 02380 55 55 55, please be aware changes may change the fare estimate or the fixed price agreed.
Cancelling Cab My Ride
From the moment your driver has been assigned you have up to 2 minutes to cancel your ride, we may suspend your account if cancelations are a regular occurrence.
How to pay
You have 3 options when it comes to payment methods: 1. Pay by card in-app, 2. Pay by cash directly to your driver 3. You can set up an account with us to be billed monthly.
I was charged too much
Your fare maybe a little higher than originally anticipated, if this happens you can email us in app about the ride and our support team will get right back to you.
My card payment is more than my fare
When you request a ride we'll reserve funds in you account to ensure you have enough money, this can be higher than your actual fare; for example if fare is £10 we'll reserve £15, just in case anything where to happen. Once your trip is completed we'll take the £10 for the ride and your bank should return the £5 straight back to you.
In your account under pending it will show 'Cab My Ride #982399 - £15' however once your bank has processed the payment on your statement it will show 'Cab My Ride #982399 - £10'
Do I pay for tolls and parking
Yes, tolls, parking and other fees that may occur are not included in your fare estimate. These will always be on top of your fare. Your driver receipt may not show these extra fees, but you can always request a receipt from the merchant your paying.
How to identify your driver and ride.
In-app we'll show you where your driver is and there profile, including there name, profile picture and vehicle details! However we'll always SMS you as well. These include your drivers name and ride details. When your car pulls up always ask them for there name to verify it's them.

Something Else?

We love a good chat, we're here to help with any question, request or ride.

Phone Enquires are avalible 24/7.

Emails support is avalible 24/7.